General Questions

Who is eligible for membership?

Beginning in October 2017, the Sunflower Credit Union became an open credit union. This means that anyone who lives, works, or worships in Washington, Marshall, or Nemaha counties can open a savings and/or checking account. 

Is my Money Safe?

YES!! Your savings are federally insured at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency.

What is the difference between a share account and a saving account?

A share account indicates your ownership in the credit union. It works just like a savings account in any other financial institution, but you have the benefit of knowing outside stockholders aren’t benefiting from your hard earned money.

Do you have money orders?

Money orders are available for amounts up to $1,000 for a fee of $.75 per money order.


Are there any fees on share (saving) accounts?

NO!! There is a minimum of $5 required to open the account. This is your membership share in the credit union and must remain in the account while it is open. You will begin earning dividends on balances over $25 and will continue to do so while you are a member at the credit union.

Do you have an interest bearing checking account?

YES! At this time we offer a checking account that earns .10%. You will need to maintain a $300 balance and if dropped below $300 there will be a monthly fee of $3.00. There are no per check charges or other hidden fees.

Do you have Totally Free Checking Accounts?

YES!  We now offer a totally free checking account.  No per check charges, no monthly fees.  Make sure you let us know if you would like to change your account to totally free checking if you already have an existing checking account.

Do you have ATM and Debit cards?

YES! Just fill out the correct form and mail or fax to us.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

Just visit your payroll department and give them your account number and SUPFCU routing number (both of these can be found on your check or deposit slip). You can designate to have funds go to your shares (savings) account or draft account (checking).

    ***SUPFCU Routing Number is 301179122

How do I sign up for Payroll Deduction?

Not every employer offers payroll deduction so check with the payroll department first. If offered you may set up payroll deduction with us here at the credit union or you may visit your payroll department. You can also designate to have funds go to shares (savings) or draft account (checking).

Do you have Certificates of Deposit?

YES!! The credit union offers a 6 month and 12 month certificate with a minimum balance of $500. Occasionally we will have a special offer so watch our newsletter or call anytime to check with a member service representative.

Do you have any savings accounts that pay better dividends than regular shares?

YES!!  The credit union offers a High-Yield account that has a $1,000 minimum balance and pays dividends on a tiered rate.  With this account you can access your account up to 6 times per month with no penalties.  But remember that your regular share account has the life insurance policy attached with it.


Can I apply for a loan online?

You may fill out the application online and mail or fax to us. Once it reaches our office, our loan officer reviews your application right away so you can be approved quickly.

How long does a loan approval take?

A decision is made on most loans the day they are received. If need be a loan decision can usually be made within a few hours.

**First time credit applications may take up to 48 hrs. depending on employment verification availability.

Can I make my payments automatically?

You can have your loan payment made automatically from your checking or savings account at the credit union. Also, an automatic payment can be made directly from another financial institution for your loan payment. The loan officer can set this up at time your loan is made or you can request it at a later date.

Do you have loan origination fees on car loans?

No, we do not have any origination fees on any consumer loans. There is a small fee on home equity loans.